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Nothing makes me happier than making my clients happy!  I'm fortunate enough to have some kind words to share from a few of them, enjoy.


I have shot a lot for this family over the years, this is Kathie talking about a shoot her daughter did of the grandkids for Mother's Day. 
Bree, I am amazed by the photos you took of my grandchildren that I received for Mother's Day. You are so talented, and grow more so all the time. The skin tones and depth of color in this one with her holding her little brother is amazing. I have it on my desk at my office. The black/white of the kids walking, backs to the viewer and is at my house in a row of black/white family photos. Fills the spot just perfect, and I love the composition and the texture of the flagstone path. Love you!

Amy D. Says

Bree has shot our family a couple of times and we will get her in the future to continue adding to our family pictures.  We have had some formal outdoor pictures as well as candid shots at an event. She does a lovely job framing things and capturing great moments.  She is good with our kids.  The quality of her services and photos can be described as top notch for reasonable pricing.  Thanks Bree!

Terry with Irish Growth Solutions says
I needed a new professional head shot for marketing collateral and my website and because of print deadlines, needed it taken quickly. Bree not only accommodated my schedule and need for urgency, she took a wide variety of photographs to ensure I had the right pictures to present the best image. I walked out of the session with the electronic prints that enabled me to meet my deadlines for printing marketing materials.

Melissa said on facebook: Omg!  Went to Bree Kidd to get Nolans first birthday pics done yesterday and they are AMAZING!!! THANK U u so much for ur hard work. The pictures are amazing and u were so sweet to put up with us lol.  Thank u again!  You are so talented!

Stacey said: I think you did great! Thank you so much.

Celeste said: Amazing...can't believe this is my family.  Who knew someone could get us all smiling at the same time!

Katie said:  Bree, these look great! 

Lori said: They look great!  Now I'm gonna have to pick some favorites!!!

Edie McRae with Millionaire Moms says

My experience working with Bree was amazing!  She "got" my concept right away and really helped to bring my personality out on camera.  She was quick, efficient and easy to work with.  Being able to get digital images in hand the same day was critical?and she delivered!

Because of the variety she provided, I was able to have great shots to use in multiple scenarios, both online and offline.  The week that I updated my profiles to include Bree's shots, my hits on my websites and profiles increased 200%.  In fact, it created quite a buzz along with tons of complements.

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